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February 9, 2017


A meteorite with a dice and ruler to give a sense of its size/scale

Introducing Ost-65

Ost-65 looks like an average meteorite, but its chemical make-up is unusual for meteorites on Earth.

November 28, 2016


A close-up image of King Tutankhamen's burial mask. It is made out of gold. The only features on the face that are not gold are two thin black eyebrows and two large eyes with iris and pupils colored black.

King Tut’s Space Dagger

You don't have to smelt iron if it comes from a meteorite.

January 25, 2016


trilobyte fossil

Great Big Disaster

Trilobites and 95 percent of marine creatures went the "way of the dinosaurs" during the Permian extinction, millions of years before dinosaurs existed.

June 28, 2011


chromium element

Missing Chromium: Inside Earth’s Crust

The Earth is made up of plenty of elements but Chromium is uncommon. This has scientists puzzled.

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