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July 15, 2008


Tree under hot sun

Too Hot Or Just Right?

If our body temperature is in the nineties why do similar air temperatures feel too hot instead of just right? Learn more on this Moment of Science.

June 17, 2008


Using a Dime to create sparks

Flaming Steel

Strike the flint and steel together to make sparks, then use those sparks to start your flame. Learn more on this edition of Moment of Science.

April 21, 2008


Two-story tall greenhouse

Why Is a Hothouse Hot?

Touch the inside surface of a window on a cold day and you can see that glass is bad at keeping out cold. Why does glass work so well for building hothouses?

October 17, 2007


Island Landmass

Without Heat, We’re Sunk

According to one study, we should be thankful for Earth's inner heat, because without it, much of the United States would be underwater.

September 27, 2007


Sunrise at the beach

The Coldest Time of the Day

When the sun first rises in the morning it doesn't get warmer right away, but actually feels colder. Learn more on this Moment of Science.

August 2, 2007


Pumping up flat tire

Flat Tires and Diesel Engines

As you fill a flat tire from your hand pump, you notice parts of the pump getting hot. Why would the pump get hot with all that cool air flowing through it?

May 29, 2006



The Case of the Flying Manhole Cover

Say you're walking down a city street, minding your own business, when you approach a manhole...

April 4, 2006



Wonder Windows

In today's energy-challenged world, efficiency is key.

February 9, 2006



Metal Memory

Are you familiar with shape memory alloy? There's no actual memory involved, at least not in computer or human terms.

February 8, 2006




What's six times lighter than steel but up to 250 times stronger?

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