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January 3, 2018


Your Favorite Moments Of Science In 2017

We start 2018 by looking at what you loved in 2017.

August 8, 2017


An elephant.

The Small Sleep

Some elephants can go forty-six hours without sleeping.

May 31, 2017


An elephant without tusks.

No Tusks

A significant number of elephants are being born without tusks.

December 7, 2016


Three elephants (one large, one medium-sized, one baby)

The Grandmother Effect

Asian elephant calves born in captivity die young approximately 50% of the time.

March 4, 2016



Why Elephants Don’t Get Cancer

Elephants stand out for many reasons, including the fact that they rarely ever get cancer.

June 8, 2014


A close-up of a hippo's face

Do Hippos Swim?

Hippos hang out in the water most of the time, but are they good swimmers?

July 31, 2013


elephants drinking water at a stream

What Came First, The Trunk Or The Snorkel?

When elephants swim, they use their trunks as snorkels, so their trunks must be adaptations for swimming.

July 5, 2013


Humpback Whale

The Evolution Of Diving In Mammals And Myoglobin

The protein myoglobin provides new clues to the evolution of diving in mammals.

June 14, 2011


African Elephant playing in the water

New Elephant Species Discovered

Scientists suspected that two populations, African savannah and African forest elephants, were separate species because of their size differences.

September 10, 2010


acacia tree and ants

Acacia Trees Use Ants To Defend Against Elephants

An unusual partnership is happening on the African plain. The whistling-thorn acacia tree is using ants to defend against elephant attacks.

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