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November 11, 2011


Compass inlay in floor

Finding Your Way: Where Are The Poles

In order to point at the poles your arms must not only point northward and southward, but downward.

April 21, 2010



Why Do We Swing Our Arms While Walking?

Why do we swing our arms while walking? Scientists are researching how we walk.

August 21, 2009


A man's veiny arm

When Your Arm Falls Off

Why do arms sometimes fall asleep and why do they start to tingle?

October 15, 2008


Arm with bulging veins

Tricking Your Muscles

Believe it or not, you can trick the muscles in your arms into effortlessly pulling your arms up, as if helium balloons were tied to your wrists.

September 27, 2003


A skateboarder jumping over (ollie) a stack of skateboards.

The Ollie

Though they make it look easy, skateboarders spend a tremendous amount of time practicing when it comes to perfecting the ollie.

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