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September 9, 2015


blue crab on sand bar

Amazing Crabs        

When in between exoskeletons, blue crabs rely on an inner hydrostatic skeleton to move about.

September 8, 2015


illustration of kissing couple

Why Do People Kiss?  

Smooching feels good, of course, but couples first started swapping saliva as a way to test out genetic compatibility.

September 7, 2015



Reindeer Games  

We break through all the reindeer hype to tell the true story of these fascinating animals.

September 4, 2015


Elvis celebrity star

Elvis in a Burrito

Our eyes sometimes play tricks on us because our brains have evolved to see patterns, even where there are none.

September 3, 2015


hot air balloon

Full of Hot Air?   

It's a gas! Air consists of nitrogen and oxygen and lots of empty space.

September 1, 2015


tooth with dental tools

Getting Rid of Cavities    

Here's how to undo the damage caused by tooth decay:

August 31, 2015


nurse assists pregnant woman

Why Giving Birth Hurts  

Problematic pregnancies that required assistance revolutionized child delivery for early humans.

August 31, 2015



Attack of the Earthworms      

Earthworms are taking a bite out of forest ecosystems.

August 28, 2015


beluga whale underwater

Send in the Belugas 

Beluga whales are helping scientists plumb the icy depths of the Arctic.

August 27, 2015



How Did It Swim?

Now extinct, plesiosaurs were predatory creatures that haunted the deep seas.

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