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May 11, 2017


two people texting back to back

Text Neck

Do your neck and shoulders ache? Looking at your cell phone too much might be to blame.

May 10, 2017


A beautiful white flower with pink marks on the petals of the outer rim. A long mosquito is on one of the petals. The background is black. There are also dew drops on the flower.

Mosquito Population Boom

It's not in your imagination. Mosquito populations are thriving.

May 9, 2017


On the left side of the screen is black. The majority of the image is of a purple foil planet. It reflects light.

The Purple Planet

A microbial geneticist at the University of Maryland has proposed that early life may have tinged the Earth purple.

May 8, 2017


stars moving around the pole

Why Do Stars Twinkle?

Astronomers are learning more about the brightening and dimming of stars.

May 5, 2017


A picture of two people's arms. On the bottom, coming from the left is a person's darker brown arm. On the top is a person's pale peach skin.

Older Skin Takes Longer To Heal

During World War I, scientists observed older soldiers' skin taking longer to heal, but didn't know why. Scientists may finally have an answer.

May 4, 2017


Calypso Orchid

Calypso Orchid: Pollination By Deception

The calypso orchid is one of the most eye catching little flowers you'll see on forest floors across the Northern United States, Canada, and Europe.

May 3, 2017


pink and purple dragonfly resting on a branch.

Ancient Birds Versus Giant Insects

Scientists have found fossilized remains of dragonflies with wingspans several feet in diameter.

May 2, 2017


A photograph of a lone dwarf mongoose. The mongoose is in in the left-middle of the frame. He is brown with a brighter brown nose which is almost the same color as his eyes.He is standing up on his back paws and his front paws are at his sides. There is grass in front of him. The background is green grass and light brown dirt.

Polluting Mongoose Ears

Human created noise pollution has negative effects on animals.

May 1, 2017


A micro-shot of bacillus subtitllus bacteria. The background is bright pink, the bacteria looks like dark purple threads going in many different directions (but almost all connected) against the background.

What Did the Bacteria Say to the Other Bacteria?

The life of a bacteria community is a huge balancing act.

April 28, 2017


neanderthal wood sculpture

Neanderthals On The Seas?

Neanderthals were more sophisticated than how they're often portrayed in popular culture.

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