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September 6, 2017


A Komodo Dragon

Healing With Dragon Blood

A molecule found in Komodo dragon blood can destroy infection-causing bacteria in mice.

September 5, 2017


Mount Everest at sunset

The Movements of Sherpas

Scientists studied the techniques sherpas use to carry things up Mount Everest.

September 4, 2017


a vanilla vine.

Green Vanilla

The current process for creating artificial vanilla flavoring impacts the environment in negative ways. Scientists are innovating ways to change that.

September 1, 2017


three women with face masks on

What Causes Acne?

Acne is linked to bacteria, but it's not clear exactly how.

August 31, 2017


An image of the Juventae Chasma supplied by NASA

The Disappearing Atmosphere

As of three point eight billion years ago, Mars had already lost much of its atmosphere.

August 30, 2017


a close-up image of moldy bread

Don’t Eat Moldy Bread

Mold that can form on bread is a fungus that can't be safely eaten.

August 29, 2017


A bee on a fingertip

The Bee Shoots, It Scores!

A study that taught bees to do motions similar to soccer demonstrated their cognitive abilities.

August 28, 2017


Abstract design made of head outlines, lights and abstract design elements on the subject of intelligence,  consciousness, logical thinking, mental processes and brain power

Bilingualism And Your Brain

Being bilingual might delay the onset of dementia.

August 25, 2017


A spider web

Arachnid Couture

In the future, you could be wearing clothes made of synthetic spider silk.

August 24, 2017


a red bike

Riding A Bike For Better Mental Health

Scientists are studying how exercise can alleviate symptoms of depression.

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